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Beach Vacation Clean Beauty Essentials

Last week, I went to a three-day music festival on the beach with some friends. My goals leading up to the fest were two-fold: find really cute outfits for each day and pack as little as possible. 

Thanks to Instagram, Pinterest, and online shopping at work, I planned and purchased my outfits no problem. But when it came time to pack, I had to really streamline my toiletries to get everything to fit. 

What Clean Beauty Products To Pack for Summer

To keep things light, I packed just the essentials. The last thing you want to do on vacation is spend time in front of the bathroom mirror when you could be spending time with your friends. So all my extra serums, eye creams, and other nice-to-have products stayed at home.

Instead, I focused on my must-have toxic-free products, especially those that serve more than one purpose. I did this for both skin care and makeup products and ended up with only one small bag for both. A small miracle. 

Summer Vacation Clean Beauty Skin Care

Here are the clean beauty skin care products I brought:

  1. BeautyCounter Cleansing Balm. This is the holy grail of toxic-free skin care products. I use this stuff for everything: makeup remover, cleanser, overnight mask, cuticle cream, lip balm, and even hair serum when the humidity adds three inches of frizz to my hair. The travel size is perfect for traveling and the Vitamin C-rich ingredients keep my skin looking bright and hydrated no matter what the weather may be.

  2. BeautyCounter Countermatch Adaptive Lotion. I normally use a day cream and a night cream as part of my skin care routine, but when traveling, I want just one moisturizer that can serve as both. This lotion is far and away my favorite choice. It's both extremely hydrating and super lightweight which is a combo not many moisturizers can offer. I also take the travel size of this to save space in my makeup bag.

  3. BeautyCounter CounterSun Sunscreen. I'll do a whole post on sunscreen soon because there are SO many harmful effects of most sunscreens out there and an increasing number of toxic-free options. But the CounterSun line from BeautyCounter offers a great mix of sizes and types (lotion, stick, and spray) to keep you covered from head to toe.

Summer Vacation Clean Beauty Makeup

For makeup, I kept things super simple. I knew I'd be fighting heat, humidity, sweat, and sea so I focused only on cream-based products that would look natural and protect me from the sun.

Here's what I brought:

  1. BeautyCounter Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. This is BeautyCounter's version of a BB cream and has built in SPF. It helps even my skin tone while protecting me from both UVA and UVB rays. It also leaves an effortless dewy look to the skin which is perfect for the beach. 

  2. BeautyCounter Cream Blush Stick. This blush stick lasts forever and applies so smoothly to the skin. Because the ingredients are all clean, I use this on my lips and lids too to pull the whole look together and give an overall summer-y glow.

  3. BeautyCounter No. 3 Balancing Facial Mist. This is really a crossover product between skin care and makeup so I'm cheating a little here. This mist (a lighter, more affordable version than its parent product the balancing facial oil) serves as a last step in my skin care routine, a quick facial refresher during the day, and a makeup setting spray. The charcoal power and kaolin clay refines skin texture, absorbs excess oil, and helps calm redness in the skin. Win-win.

Of course there are lots of great clean beauty products to toss into your vacation bag, but for a long weekend at the beach, I want to keep things simple and safe. What are your clean beauty summer essentials?

Have any questions about the products mentioned above? Shoot me a note at cleanbeautybailey@gmail.com

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