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Should Your Skin Care Be Different in the Summer?

Summer brings so many exciting changes - warmer weather, longer days, more vacations, and a lot more time outside. But should you also change your skin care? And if so, which products need to be swapped?

Should Your Skin Care Change in the Summer?

The answer is undoubtedly, YES. The products that work best for our skin in the colder months are likely not addressing the changes our skin naturally makes when temperatures rise.

Our skin produces more oil and sweat in the summer months and our pores open more frequently. We also increase your exposure to UVA / UVB rays and free radicals when spending more time outside. All of which needs to be addressed in our skin care routine to ensure happy, healthy skin.

Skin Care Swaps for Summer

Not surprisingly, the most important switch to make in the summertime is adding SPF into our daily routines. SPF is important year round, but it's particularly important in the summer months as both the first step in our morning routine and then again as a preventative step before long periods in the sun.

My favorite way to do this is by using a tinted moisturizer with SPF built in as my base layer each morning. I use the BeautyCounter Dew Skin which contains SPF 20 and provides light, glowy coverage that is perfect for summer.

Then when I plan to be out for longer periods of time, I'll use a traditional mineral sunscreen all over. Sunscreen is one of the top offenders when it comes to both harmful chemicals and negative environmental effects.

Be sure to choose a mineral sunscreen (vs. a chemical sunscreen) and one that doesn't include harmful reef-killing ingredients. Here are some of Goop's favorite safe sunscreens to check out.

Summer Skin Care Saviors

Many of us opt for lighter cleansers and heavier moisturizers in the winter time to protect our dried out skin. In the summer months, we want to do just the opposite.

With excess oil, more exposure to free radicals, and lots more sweat (just me?), summer is the right time to choose a more thorough cleanser to ensure we're getting all the junk off our skin.

We also want to switch to a more light weight moisturizer for plenty of hydration without excess oil or fuss.

My favorites are the Oil-Based Cleansing Balm (which can serve as a cleanser AND a hydrating mask), the Nourishing Cream Cleanser (packed with coconut oil and aloe), and the Countermatch Adaptive Lotion (which is far and away the best moisturizer I've ever used, ever).

Clean Beauty for Sun Damage

More time outside also means not only increased risk for sun damage but increased awareness of the damage we've already done. We use SPF to help prevent any future issues, but it's important to treat any existing sun damage too.

My freckles and dark spots are WAY more noticeable in the summertime and serve as a gentle reminder to incorporate Vitamin C into my weekly skin care routine. In this post, I talk all about Vitamin C and how it helps treat sun damage and dark spots, including some of my favorite Vitamin C-based products!

While You're Switching, Go Ahead and Switch To Safer

If you're ready to switch your skin care routine for summer, it's a great time to make sure you're switching to safer beauty products too! Need a place to start? Here's my best guide to switching to clean beauty.

Want something more personalized? Take this quick quiz and get personalized clean beauty recommendations for free!

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