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The Best Way to Transition To Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is all the hype right now as researchers (and brands) are finally starting to understand the health risks imposed by chemicals used in personal care products. Our culture has become increasingly aware of these dangers and beauty buying trends are following suit. 

Whether you're ready to switch your entire routine, are just getting started, or are still unsure if you even care about clean beauty, there are a few easy steps to help educate and empower yourself about your health.

Where To Start When Transition to Clean Beauty

First, you want to define what "clean" means to you. Similar to the food industry, the beauty world throws around words like "clean", "natural", "organic", and even "toxic-free" without a set of standards or regulations to define the terms. 

Consider what is important to you when making this switch. For me, my primary concern is the safety of the ingredients in the products I use. But I also look for products that are cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and eco-friendly

How to Know What's Considered "Clean"

The number one thing I want you to take from this post is that you CANT rely on packaging, marketing, or even brand stories to point you in the right direction. Without true definitions, brands can use terms like "clean" on just about anything. And many personal care products don't list ingredients on their packaging.

Do your own research to determine what products meet your standards. In this post (LINK) I talk about my top 2 ways to do so. 

Decide What Products to Switch First

I recommend looking up all the products you're currently using to see which (if any) are the worse offenders. If your research shows they're unsafe, it might be time to make the switch.

Another way to approach this question is to consider which products you use most frequently or on the most surface area of your body.

For me, this would be face wash and body wash. Those were the first two products I switched because I use them so frequently and on so much of my body.

Prepare for a Potential Skin Detox

For some people, switching to more natural products can elicit a reaction in the skin, especially if you're used to certain chemicals or ingredients. Nakedly Yours does a great post on this if you want more information.

The main thing to know is that as your skin detoxifies, you may experience some localized breakouts while the epidermis renews and restores to a more natural state. Consistency in your new, safer products will be key in moving past it. Your skin just might need a few days to adjust.

A Quick Recap

Here are the main points in approaching your transition:

1. Define your criteria for clean

2. Do your research

3. Decide what products to swap first

4. Start swapping!

It may take time to fully transition to a clean beauty routine based on your needs, budget, etc., but even small swaps add up in the end. There's nothing more beautiful than the confidence that comes from taking control of your health.

Want more specifics on what's next? Fill out this questionnaire to get clean beauty recommendations tailored to your skin - for free.

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